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Apple-for-the-Teacher.jpg (79433 bytes)

Apple for the Teacher

Apple-for-the-Teacher-2.jpg (59191 bytes)

Apple for the Teacher

baseball.jpg (64926 bytes)


Basketball.jpg (50033 bytes)


Carrying-books.jpg (51834 bytes)

Carrying Books

Girlscout-Flowers.jpg (52923 bytes)

Girl Scout with Flowers

Gymnastics.jpg (51191 bytes)


Have-a-Fever.jpg (49468 bytes)

Nurse's Office

Oriental-Back-pack.jpg (50352 bytes)


Elbows-on-Wall.jpg (56061 bytes)

Elbows on the wall

Holding-hands.jpg (51305 bytes)

Holding Hands

Learning-to-Read.jpg (53152 bytes)

Learning to Read

Lying-on-a-bench.jpg (50248 bytes)

Laying Down With a Book

Monroe's-Entry-1.jpg (52188 bytes)

Hanging in the Halls

Monroe's-Entry-2.jpg (57679 bytes)

Waiting for the Bus

studying.jpg (56883 bytes)


Reading-at-Whitman.jpg (54271 bytes)

Sitting on the Bench

Reading-to-a-Little-One.jpg (48384 bytes)


Science-Project.jpg (53981 bytes)

Science Project

soccer.jpg (56959 bytes)


Peaking-around-door.jpg (51333 bytes)

Hello There

Sitting-on-the-wall.jpg (58605 bytes)

Sitting on a Wall

Tying-Shoe.jpg (46023 bytes)

Tying my Shoe

shhhhh.jpg (48715 bytes)


Butterfly-on-my-finger.jpg (51522 bytes)

Butterfly on My Finger

By-the-water-fountain.jpg (49955 bytes)

Hanging by the Water Fountain

Hospital-Scrubs.jpg (64672 bytes)

Hospital Scrubs

Hospital-Wagon.jpg (60442 bytes)

Hospital Wagon

Puppy-Wagon.jpg (54656 bytes)

Puppy Wagon

Toe-Touch.jpg (52258 bytes)

Toe Touch

Hospital-Kids.jpg (64328 bytes)

Hospital Kids

Walking-to-schooll.jpg (67615 bytes)

Walking to School

Two-kids-reading.jpg (53914 bytes)

Two Kids Reading

Tom-Sawyer.jpg (70729 bytes)

Tom Sawyer

Hanging-by-the-river.jpg (53423 bytes)

Day Dreaming

Cane-Pole-fisshing.jpg (60811 bytes)

Cane Pole Fishing

Temperature.jpg (60060 bytes)


Stand-proud.jpg (53881 bytes)

Stand Proud

Reading-book-in-overalls.jpg (48343 bytes)

Reading in Library

Off-to-lunch.jpg (52273 bytes)

Off to Lunch

Leg-balance.jpg (59117 bytes)

Balancing Act

Jungle-Gymn.jpg (47381 bytes)

Jungle Gymn

Holding-basketball.jpg (48558 bytes)

Ready For the Game

Handstand.jpg (57303 bytes)


Girl-with-flowers.jpg (93639 bytes)

Girl With Flowers

Girl-Reading-book.jpg (56647 bytes)

Reading on the ledge

Girl-and-Monkey.jpg (53131 bytes)


Frog-pond.jpg (54302 bytes)

Frog Pond

Foot-on-tree.jpg (71590 bytes)

Ready to Climb

Flowers-for-the-Principal.jpg (72293 bytes)

Flowers for the Principal

Drinking-fountain.jpg (53207 bytes)

Drinking Fountain

Celeste-in-the-garden.jpg (49210 bytes)

Little Princess

buddies.jpg (65146 bytes)


Bubble-blower.jpg (46796 bytes)

Blowing Bubbles

Boy-Fishing-on-dock.jpg (58869 bytes)


Sitting-on-Basketball.jpg (61546 bytes)

Basketball Seat

Hot-Wheels.jpg (51371 bytes)

Hot Wheels

sandbox.jpg (54142 bytes)


splashing-in-the-water.jpg (47437 bytes)

Splashing in Water

Girl-in-Sandbox.jpg (52638 bytes)

Sand Castle

  Girl & Balloon.jpg (50327 bytes)

Red Balloon

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