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Louisa-May-Alcott-.jpg (54081 bytes)

Louisa May Alcott

Mark-Twain.jpg (56411 bytes)

Mark Twain 1

Mark-Twain-2.jpg (60180 bytes)

Mark Twain 2

Elvis-Presley.jpg (54283 bytes)

Elvis Presley

Marilyn-Monroe.jpg (56318 bytes)

Marilyn Monroe

James Dean

Ben Johnson

Bob Wills

James Garner

Patty Page

Roger Miller

Vince Gill

Woody Guthrie

Toby Kieth

Andrew Carnegie

baby.jpg (51365 bytes)


Lady-in-Blue.jpg (49850 bytes)

Lady in Blue

okie.jpg (50053 bytes)

Golden Close-up

Okie-full-view.jpg (52912 bytes)

Golden Image

celeste.jpg (43998 bytes)

Ballet Princess

King-&-Queen-cards.jpg (48768 bytes)

What a Card


Customized Golf Mural 

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