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Antique-Rootbeer-sign.jpg (51381 bytes)

Antique Root beer Sign

School-Gallery.jpg (51894 bytes)

School Art Gallery Display

harley.jpg (57531 bytes)

Full-sized Harley on Garage Wall

Mexican-Grill-logo.jpg (51741 bytes)

Restaurant Sign

Mini-Storage-Sign.jpg (48112 bytes)

Billboard Sign

1957-Chevy.jpg (52766 bytes)

Full-sized 57 Chevy in Game room

Faux Stain Glass Windows at Christ the King Church

Texaco Garage wall

Jaguar Entry

Mural-by-pool.jpg (54025 bytes)

Pool Side Mural

Pool-side-palms.jpg (51738 bytes)

Poolside Palm trees & Shell

Sunset-over-pool.jpg (48775 bytes)

Sunset Sky Over Indoor Pool

When Family Gathers Sign

Buen-apetito-sign.jpg (35915 bytes)

Buen Apetito Sign in Kitchen

Live,-Love-Laugh.jpg (70707 bytes)

Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often

Pantry-sign.jpg (38367 bytes)

Pantry Sign

Kitchen Saying

Stove Vent Hood with an "R"

Western Flair in Triangle Cathedral Ceiling

Customized Golf Scene

Renovated-Tavern-Signs.jpg (54461 bytes)

Renovated Tavern Advertisements

vpp-logo.jpg (58020 bytes)

Logo on Wall

Stairwell-art.jpg (53213 bytes)

Patriotic Stairwell Mural

Adventurland-Academy-Logo.jpg (42445 bytes)

Business Logo on Wall

ATOR-Heights-Ram-logo.jpg (71722 bytes)

School Logo on Wall

Entry-floor-logo.jpg (48836 bytes)

School Logo on Floor

Gymn-Floor-logo.jpg (57309 bytes)

School Logo on Gym Floor

Memorial-Flag.jpg (64894 bytes)

Memorial Flag

Marquette-Meteor's-Gymn-Ent.jpg (59636 bytes) 

Marquette Meteor's Gym Entrance

Floor-of-America.jpg (50169 bytes)

USA Map on Cafeteria Floor

50's-Photo-Prop.jpg (59368 bytes)

1950's Photo Prop

Computer-bear.jpg (57066 bytes)

Computer Room Mural

Cape-Code-Cabinets.jpg (46416 bytes)

Cape Cod Cabinets

Kid-inventor.jpg (47236 bytes)

Shop Room Inventor Character

Playful-Mice.jpg (51076 bytes)

Playful Mice

Bathroom-is-Behind-That-Tre.jpg (51477 bytes)

The Bathroom is Behind That Tree

Train-in-town.jpg (86208 bytes)

Train in Town - Hall Mural Detail

Train-station-in-Town.jpg (58678 bytes)

Train Station in Town - Hall Mural Detail

Post-Office.jpg (49946 bytes)

Post Office in Town - Hall Mural Detail

Entry-latice-and-bench.jpg (52426 bytes)

Foyer Bench & Arbor

Grape-vine-entry-with-cat.jpg (48599 bytes)

Grape Vine over Arch with Cat


Winter-Forest-Dining-room.jpg (47150 bytes)

Winter Tree Forest Dining Room Mural

Oklahoma-State-University-G.jpg (51241 bytes)

Oklahoma State University

ou-logo.jpg (51410 bytes)

OU Game room

razorback.jpg (57897 bytes)

Arkansas Razerbacks

Black-Leather-Jacket.jpg (63106 bytes)

Painted Leather Coat

Brown-Leather-Jacket.jpg (52070 bytes)

Painted Leather Coat

matching-shoes.jpg (62141 bytes)

Painted Shoes to Match Coat

Personalized-Candle.jpg (57785 bytes)

Personalized Candle

Easter-Candles.jpg (57505 bytes)

Church Easter Candles

lampshade-cabin.jpg (48019 bytes)

Custom Designs

Van-Gogh-Bathroom.jpg (68405 bytes)

Van Gogh Bathroom

Coco-Chanel-panel-2.jpg (51343 bytes)

Coco Canvas Painting

Coco-Chanel-panel-1.jpg (54960 bytes)

Chanel Canvas Painting

Greek-man-alcove.jpg (53425 bytes)

Greek Alcove - Male

greek-woman-alcove.jpg (50981 bytes)

Greek Alcove - Female

mail-box.jpg (51173 bytes)

Baer Family Mail Box


House-Drawing-Jan-Clark.jpg (60482 bytes)

Pencil Drawing of Homestead

Postcard-Mural.jpg (54322 bytes)

Mural From Postcard

King-&-Queen-cards.jpg (48768 bytes)

Card Portraits

Van Gogh's Starry Night Ceiling

Angel-Helmet.jpg (51171 bytes)

Angel Helmet Front

Angel-Helmet-Back-side.jpg (54864 bytes)

Angel Helmet Back

Mardi-Gras-Helmet-Back-side.jpg (53180 bytes)

Mardi Gras Helmet Back

Mardi-Gras-Helmet.jpg (53231 bytes)

Mardi Gras Helmet Front

Black-Baer-Helmet.jpg (47862 bytes)

Black Bear Helmet

Black-Bear-Helmet-Back-side.jpg (49264 bytes)

Back of Black Bear

Grizzly-Bear-Helmet.jpg (46422 bytes)

Grizzly Bear Helmet


Frog-Helmet.jpg (50411 bytes)

Frog Helme

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