Supply & Equipment Costs

Note: Supply Costs typically average between 1% and 3% of total Mural Costs

$7.50 per quart of paint in artist's normal palette (specialty products and paint colors will be charged at cost)

$5.00 per tube of acrylic Liquitex paint

$5.00 per roll of blue quick release tape

$1.00 per page of color copy images used as reference material in mural

$2.00 per transparency for enlarging human figures as I use an overhead to project them

$2.00 per plastic drop cloth to cover furniture, etc...

Any other specialty materials will be charged at cost


Brushes, cloth floor drop clothes, tools, etc....are included in hourly rate

4-foot scaffolding, 6-foot scaffolding, 6-foot & 8-foot ladders are owned by smART decor and are included in the hourly rate. Any special equipment or higher scaffolding will be rented and charged at cost

Computer equipment and programs are included in hourly rate