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Stone-Vault-hall.jpg (89536 bytes)

Stone Vault Hall

Vineyard-scene.jpg (56881 bytes)

Vineyard Scene

vault.jpg (52056 bytes)

Stone Vault with Bench

Hanging Baskets

Marble Archway With Ivy

Entry-Arch-After.jpg (50534 bytes)

Entry Stonework with Ivy

Entry-vase.jpg (49459 bytes)

Entry Vase

Wrought-Iron-window.jpg (69059 bytes)

Wrought Iron Window

Oriental-Vase-Alcove.jpg (38793 bytes)

Oriental Alcove

Orchid-alcove.jpg (52872 bytes)

Orchid Alcove

Sally's-Stair-murall.jpg (32479 bytes)

Stairwell Window

Greek-Windo.jpg (46952 bytes)

Greek Window Alcove

Brick-cornered-cabinet.jpg (41917 bytes)

Tuscany Brick Cabinet

Tuscany-brick.jpg (53862 bytes)

Tuscany Brick Kitchen

Pantry Sign

Garden-view.jpg (62612 bytes)

Garden View Over Sink


porch.jpg (51100 bytes)

Cabinets With Flower Pots

Stove-Alcove.jpg (54989 bytes)

Stove with Painted Brickwork

Dining Room Dome Ceiling

Dining Room Stenciled Ceiling

Dining Room Tray Ceiling - Stenciled

wine-Cellar.jpg (51037 bytes)

Wine Cellar Laundry

Tuscany-view.jpg (45578 bytes)

Tuscany Laundry Room

Laundry Wine Cellar

Laundry-line.jpg (43720 bytes)

Clothes Line Laundry

Laundry-room.jpg (50824 bytes)

Laundry Room with a View

Clothes Line Laundry

Antique-Laundry-room.jpg (52033 bytes)

Antique Laundry Room

Kastl-birdhouse-laundry.jpg (21029 bytes)

Birdhouse Laundry Room

Herb-laundry-room.jpg (40932 bytes)

Brick & Herb Laundry

Topiary-Landry.jpg (43210 bytes)

Topiary Laundry Room

Topiery-sink.jpg (46317 bytes)

Topiary Sink in Laundry

mouse-in-bricks.jpg (43869 bytes)

Mouse in Laundry room

Basden-Bathroom.jpg (48116 bytes)

Bathtub with a View

Susan's-bath.jpg (48539 bytes)

Bathroom Columns

Sally's-Bathtroom-right-sid.jpg (63004 bytes)

Greek  Bath

Madewell's-shower-jpg.jpg (42477 bytes)

Stone Wall Bathroom

Bathtub-with-pillars.jpg (52284 bytes)

Bathtub with Pillars

Ifle-Tower-Bathroom.jpg (52644 bytes)

Ifle Tower Bath Alcove

Branch-&-Bird-Bathroom.jpg (47233 bytes)

Branch & Bird Bath

Lone Cypress Arch Window

Bathroom-with-fountain.jpg (53636 bytes)

Bathroom with Fountain

Bathroom-view.jpg (36690 bytes)

Greek Ruins View

Roman-Bath-window.jpg (33970 bytes)

View from Towel Rack

3-arched-window.jpg (45310 bytes)

Three Arched Bath

Bedroom-to-heaven.jpg (62444 bytes)

Bedroom Ceiling

b&b-rug.jpg (55034 bytes)

Rug Painted on Floor to Match Bedding

Bedroom Window Columns

Potting-shed.jpg (52725 bytes)

Potting Shed

Garage-door.jpg (50927 bytes)

Gardening Area

Tool-shed.jpg (66664 bytes)

Tool Shed

Susan's-table.jpg (50073 bytes)

No Room for a Table

shelf.jpg (49981 bytes)


Located Behind Door

mudroom.jpg (48894 bytes)


French Door Country View

Stone Archway Joining Rooms

Stairwell Window with Country Scene

Archway with Landscape

Fireplace.jpg (47861 bytes)

 Mantel Painted Around Existing Fireplace


Fisherman's Corner

Cat on Stairwell Ledge


Cat on Stairwell Ledge

Plant and Architectural Additions


Plant and Architectural Additions


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